Is it always possible to sell Bitcoins?

Yes, selling of your Bitcoins is always possible at our Värdex ATMs.

However, the sell process consists two steps. In the first step you sell your BTC to Värdex Suisse directly via the ATM. And in the second step, as soon as the receipt of the BTC has been confirmed, you can withdraw the money at the ATM with a provided redeem ticket.

For the second step (withdraw money) it is necessary that the ATM has enough money to spend. In rare cases it can happen that the ATM does not have enough money to pay out. If you want to withdraw a larger amount of money, we recommend calling our Värdex customer support beforehand to ensure that a complete withdrawal of money at the ATM is possible.

Good to know

You can withdraw money from all of our Värdex ATMs throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Within the sell process the step one (selling BTC) and step two (withdrawing money) can be performed at two separate locations.


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