ATM Terms and Conditions

If you choose to use a Värdex ATM you agree to accept and comply with the Värdex Suisse Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use). Please read the entire Terms of Use carefully before using the ATM or any other Värdex service. 

ATM Terms of Use

Data Privacy Terms

By using the services of Värdex Suisse and your declaration of consent, you have agreed to the Terms of Use and Data Privacy Terms of the ATM to make your personal data available to Värdex Suisse. You therefore agree that Värdex Suisse may pass on this information to third parties in cases where Värdex Suisse is obliged to do so by law for the purposes of electronic identification, as set out above. 

Personal data including video and audio recordings is processed during ATM usage for compliance and regulatory reasons. The user expressly agrees to the processing of the user’s data in accordance with the Värdex General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) under

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