ATM - Värdex Paper Wallet

When you start a purchase at one of our Värdex ATMs, you will receive as a first step an individual generated and printed Blockchain Paper Wallet by the ATM. The paper wallet is the essential element to receive your cryptocurrency at the end of the purchasing / exchange process. Important: Before continuing the purchasing process by entering your notes in the ATM, make sure you received an undamaged paper wallet print. 

We have created a short overview for you to make it easier to find your way around.


Receipt Details:

  1. This is a private string of numbers and letters that is like a 'password' to your public key. If your public key was your bank account number, the private key would be the password to your bank account. You don't share this with anyone, ever.

    Think of the private key as the actual key to your lock. Anyone who has this key can access your lock, open your vault, and steal your crypto.

  2. QR code of the private key

  3. A securely generated version of the public key makes your wallet address. This is the public address where your cryptocurrency is stored. If someone wanted to send you some crypto, you would share this public address with them – sort of like your bank account number. 

    Bitcoin public address: 19Dg48ZxQbxinBpq19gJepGYLVBdUND4B7
    Ethereum public address: 0x5D5701A8e0EF8Fa9B53Aea493965fe628c5160fe

  4. QR code of the public address
  5. Contact details of our Värdex customer support

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