ATM - SELL/Redeem-Ticket

When you start a crypto SELL to withdraw CHF at one of our Värdex ATMs, you will receive an individual generated SELL/Redeem Ticket. All essential information about the SELL of your Bitcoins via our ATM is shown on the receipt. 

We have created a short overview for you to make it easier to find your way around.


SELL/Redeem-Ticket Details:

  1. Date and time of the SELL process at the ATM was started; SELL amount in Bitcoin (BTC) and CHF withdraw amount

  2. Specific instructions of the exact BTC amount to be sent to the Värdex SELL address. Make sure you send not more and not less to the destination address as specified on the ticket. Otherwise your SELL transaction will not succeed and a manual refund by our customer support will be required.

  3. Destination address as a written key where you need to send the specific amount in Bitcoin to complete the SELL transaction

  4. Destination address as a QR code version

  5. Procedure (step 2 to 5) to complete the CHF withdraw process at the ATM. After sending the exact BTC amount to the Värdex destination address it takes usually 30 minutes until the blockchain transaction is confirmed. Afterwords you can redeem your cash at the ATM by scanning the redeem QR code

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