How to import your ETH to a mobile wallet

If you have successfully bought your cryptocurrency from our vending machine or a Vardex Exchange Point, you may want to send your coins to another person or you may want them to be more immediately available to you than in the Cold Storage Wallet

We have created a quick guide for you on how to import your Ether currency from Paper Wallet to a mobile wallet app. Please note that there are many mobile wallet apps, you can also use another one.

Download the Trust Wallet App from your App Store or Google Play Store



Step-by-step instructions:


If you are already using Trust Wallet, please follow steps 1-8.
If you are new to Trust Wa llet, please follow steps 4-8

  1. Start the Trust Wallet app and click on "Settings" in the bottom right-hand comer
  2. Press "Wallet"
  3. Then click on "+"
  4. Click on "I already have a Wallet"
  5. After reading the privacy policy and terms of use, accept them and click "Continue"
  6. Select "Ethereum"
  7. 7.1 Scan the QR code of the "Private Key" onto your Paper Wallet using the camera of your mobile phone or
    7.2 Enter the "Private Key" manually in the text field
  8. The last step is to click on "Import"

Congratulations! Your Paper Wallet has been successfully imported

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