What is cryptonow®?

Cryptonow is a a licensed product and trademark of Värdex Suisse. With the cryptonow voucher cards it has never been easier to get started in the world of crypto. Buy your voucher card in a trusted retail shop near you. Cryptonow is pioneering the Swiss retail crypto and blockchain industry, making it easy to access the world of crypto for everyone.


Available products
Buy your voucher card in a trusted retail shop near you and choose a voucher card value between CHF 50,- and CHF 500,-. To activate the voucher visit: www.cryptonow.ch/go 


Cryptonow Wallet®
Our integrated cryptonow wallet® is one of the easiest and most secure ways to store your crypto assets. This blockchain paper wallet represents a secure cold storage solution and thanks to the physical private key, your cryptocurrencies are stored 100% offline and permanently safe.



  Find an official cryptonow® reseller

Cryptonow voucher cards are available in many retail stores across Switzerland. Locate your nearest reseller with our store finder to check it out. Easy, fast and secure.

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