How to sell my cryptonow BTC at a Värdex Suisse ATM?

To be frank, it is possible but not the easiest procedure to sell your cryptonow cryptocurrency at a Crypto ATM. However, we believe that it is vital to know how it works and what the steps are. We have created a small guide to help you with the different steps. 


Step 1: Activate your voucher 
To activate your card go to and follow the activation steps. A more details article on how to activate your cryptonow voucher card you can find here

Step 2:  Import your cryptonow wallet to a mobile wallet app

When you have successfully purchased your Bitcoins via the cryptonow voucher card you have to import the Bitcoins from the cryptonow wallet to a mobile wallet app.

Step 2.1 - Cryptonow Wallet

On the backside of the cryptonow voucher card you can find the private key covered by a scratch-off field. When importing the Bitcoins from the cryptonow wallet to a mobile wallet you first have to un-scratch carefully the private key field with your fingernails or a small coin.



Step 2.2 - Import Private Key to Mobile Wallet

To start download the Exodus-Wallet App in "Google Play Store" for Android Phones or ‚Apple Store" for iPhones.


  1. Launch the Exodus wallet app on your phone and ("Get started") then click "BTC".
  2. Click on the settings icon on the right side.
  3. Now click on "Add Bitcoin from Private Keys"
  4. Scan the QR code of the "Private Key" on the cryptonow card with the camera of your phone or paste the already copied "Private Key" into the text field
  5. Click on the "Import" button at the bottom on your phone screen
  6. To check the available BTC amount, return to the main page (Portfolio).

Step 3: Sell your Bitcoins at our Värdex Crypto ATM

As a last step you can sell your cryptocurrencies with our Värdex Crypto ATMs. We have designed our ATMs to be as intuitive as possible - here’s a quick guide how to do it.


  1. Select "Bitcoin" to start the sell process.
  2. Select “SELL” on the terminal and choose the CHF amount that you wish to withdraw from the ATM. Sell transactions are currently only available for Bitcoins and are distributed in banknotes of CHF 100.
  3. The terminal will print out a “Redeem Ticket” with Värdex’s public wallet address, including necessary instructions. Thereafter, send the equivalent Bitcoin amount from your private crypto wallet to Värdex’s public address and make sure to complete your transfer within the displayed time limit.
  4. Our system will wait for the blockchain confirmation of your BTC transfer, this usually takes 15 - 60 minutes depending on current network speed. Once our system receives the block confirmation, the ATM will prepare your requested cash withdrawal.

Sending exact BTC amount

For an successful sell transaction it is important that you are sending the exact BTC amount written on the receipt. In addition you need to send your BTC within 10 minutes after starting the sell process at the ATM.
If you sending the ATM more or less BTC or later then 10 minutes the sell transaction will fail.


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