cryptonow Wallet - Security Recommendations

There are a few things to consider when dealing with cryptocurrencies and your cryptonow wallet. Enclosed you will find some safety instructions which we find are good to know.


  • Copy of Cryptonow Wallet - Private Key 
    Make a copy of the cryptonow wallet, specially of the private key as the card and print has limited durability. Store your cryptonow wallet (and copy) in a safe place, for example in a safe.

  • Private Key
    Always keep your private key safe on the wallet. Never share the private key with third parties and make sure that you never lose the private key.

  • Mobile / Desktop Wallets
    Be aware that as soon as you import the private key from the cryptonow wallet into a mobile or desktop wallet, the private key is no longer stored offline. Your smartphone or PC is exposed to possible hacker attacks or data losses.
  • Internet Scam 
    Unfortunately, there are a more and more cases of scammers and organized crime on the internet and in the world of crypto. Many fraudsters use the complexity of the technology to illegally obtain cryptocurrencies from customers.

Know your recipient

When sending cryptocurrencies to third parties, always make sure that you actually know the recipient (check identity before sending).  Be skeptical and, if in doubt, contact people around you for advice or a second opinion before you send crypto to someone. Furthermore, you should verify the recipient address before you sending a cryptocurrency amount in any case.


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