How do I activate my Cryptonow Voucher Card?

Activating your voucher card is easy and secure. The voucher card you buy in store has a credit in CHF and will remain so until you have completed the activation and exchange process on, giving you complete control and transparency of the transaction.


  1. Please enter the wallet ID, PIN code on the back of your voucher card together with your mobile phone number and click "next". Fix-line phone numbers are not possible. 
  2. Now, enter the mTAN you have received on your mobile phone via SMS and click "next".
  3. On the next step you complete the activation and exchange process from CHF value to crypto value. Please verify that the correct amount of the source and target value for your exchange. If you want to complete the exchange process confirm the terms and conditions and click "execute".
  4. Congratulations! Your exchange into BTC was successful and we will send the BTC amount to your cryptonow wallet within the next 5-15 minutes.

Please note that the voucher card is for single use purpose only and cannot be recharged with additional credit at a later stage.


Where is my cryptocurrency stored?

The cryptonow voucher card has a double feature. On one hand, the activation code is used to activate the voucher card and exchange the CHF value into the respective cryptocurrency. On the other hand, a public key and a private key are printed on the back of the card. These are functioning as a secure “cold storage” blockchain wallet, which should be kept in a safe place at all times (e.g. safety box). So it’s important that you keep your card in a safe place after activation.




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