How to import BTC from a cryptonow wallet to a desktop PC wallet?

When you have successfully purchased your cryptocurrency via the cryptonow voucher card ( you might want to send your coins to someone else or simply have them more readily available than on the cold storage wallet.

We have created a small guide for importing your Bitcoins from the cryptonow wallet to a desktop PC wallet. Please note that there are many desktop wallets, you can also use another one.

1.) Cryptonow Wallet

On the backside of the cryptonow voucher card you can find the private key covered by a scratch-off field. When importing the Bitcoins from the cryptonow wallet to a mobile wallet you first have to un-scratch carefully the private key field with your fingernails or a small coin.



2.) Import Private Key to Desktop PC Wallet

To start download the Exodus-Desktop Wallet from the official website




  1. Start the Exodus-Wallet Application on your computer and register yourself, then click on the wallet icon on the top menu bar
  2. Search for Bitcoin (BTC) and select the cryptocurrency from the list
  3. Then click on the icon with three dots in the top right corner
  4. Then select "Move Funds" from the drop-down menu
  5. Scan the QR code of the "Private Key" on your cryptonow card, with the computer camera or paste the already copied "Private Key" into the text field.
  6. Make sure that the address and the amount are correct. If so, click on the "Move Funds" button and complete the import process
  7. Your BTCs are now available in your Desktop Wallet

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