I lost my Private Key - What to do?

Your private key gives access to your cryptocurrency. If you lose this, it’s like forgetting the code for an unbreakable safe. Some people have written down their credentials, only to lose or accidentally throw away the piece of paper. Others committed them to memory, then later forgot it.

If you lose or forget your private key, there’s no way to regain access. If you still have the computer or smartphone that stored your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, there’s a chance to get your coins back. This is under the assumption that your wallet file is still intact.

How can you avoid losing your cryptocurrencies?

  • Be diligent with transfers
    Whenever you’re sending to a wallet address, be sure to double check the address is correct. It’s best to copy and paste it or to use a QR code.

  • Choose a storage location you trust
    Store your physical wallet at a place you trust. By example in a physical safe. 

  • Copy of your thermal (ATM) paper wallet
    Make a copy of the thermal paper (paper wallet) received from the Värdex ATM as the paper print has a low durability. 


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